This year has been a major year for fashion.  There have been so many things that have came back into style, and also things that people hope soon goes out of style.

with summer just beginning swimsuits are the top priority on all girls minds.

Swimwear has made a HUGE transformation over the years, but this year has been by far the biggest.

The major 2017 trends I have noticed have been

Nude Swimsuits

This is the kind of squad that always is goals even when they are on their period ahahha!!!:

Nude swimsuits have been such a big hit this year, and quite frankly the illusion of not having any clothes on just keeps getting more and more popular.

One Piece Swimsuits

Prosecco & Plaid white one piece bathing suit:

In my opinion one piece swimsuits have been by far the biggest trend of 2017.  Almost every girl including myself has added a one piece swimsuit to their wardrobe, because not only are they flattering on the majority of people BUT they are so in style!

Cheeky Swimsuits

$12.11 (Buy here: ) New Stylish Lady Women  Push-Up Sexy Spaghetti Strap Bikini Set Swimwear Solid Swimsuir Women Bathing Suit  for just $12.11:

2017 has been quite a fearless year for women.  Society has become more and more acceptable to what is and isn’t appropriate to wear to the pool. If you were to ask a few months ago if something like the picture above was acceptable I am positive you would get a NO from everyone you asked.

I know you’re probably thinking why should swimsuit trends even matter?

The trends that tend to come and go are ones that are promoted by women themselves, and this year all of the trends empowered women to bare it all in the skin that they were given.

Just because it is a trend doesn’t mean it can’t have a meaning.


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