Finding summer clothes is by far the most difficult think for both men and women, but I have a few amazing places that I always go to during the warmer months.

A places I really love for more dressy summer clothes is


Image result for express store

While Express can be a little pricey it is a place that I go for good quality clothes.  Unfortunately there are more places now-a-days that have bad quality clothes, BUT luckily for me Express is not one of those places.

When it comes to shorts I always have such a hard time finding cute, good quality shorts

But not at…

American Eagle

Image result for american eagle

Now some of you may be thinking what in the world?? Isn’t American Eagle for nmk8teenagers? Yes, indeed it is. BUT I have been wearing American Eagle jeans and shorts since I was probably 15 and they have never failed me one time.

I mentioned earlier when I was talking about how I loved the quality of Express clothes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like cheap clothes as well.

We all have those certain shirts or dresses that we wear one time and we throw them out

I probably do this a lot more than I should,  but when I want to buy something I know I will only wear once I typically go to…

Forever 21

Image result for forever 21

Although I only go to Forever 21 every once in a while I can ALWAYS find things in there that I can use to complete an outfit, especially in the summer.

Dressing in the summer is hard, but if you check these places out I promise your wardrobe will drastically improve.


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