When it comes to picking out clothes it is extremely hard to figure out what is “allowed” and what isn’t.

There are no rules in fashion, but it is important to know a few key things when putting outfits together.


It is OKAY to mix and match metallic

Mixing Metals

For the longest time it was almost a sin to wear gold and silver together. You wither choose one or the other, but NOW things have drastically changed.  Mixing metallics whether it is your jewelry or your clothes is so in right now, and I don’t see it going anywhere soon.


You CAN wear different shades of the same color

Image result for grey on grey outfit

Most would be appalled by wearing the “same” color together,  but by wearing the same color in different shades creates some dimension to your outfit.

Groutfits (all grey outfits) aren’t always bad folks.


Wear things how they are supposed to be warn

Related image

While it is more than okay to put your own spin on things it is also important to remember that it was made a certain way for a reason

I STRONGLY encourage people to incorporate their own style into whatever it is that they are wearing, but at the same time it is IMPERATIVE to wear things the way they are supposed to be warn.

I could go on and on about the rule of thumb when it comes to fashion,  but that would take up way more space than I am given.

If you follow these three holy grail rules of mine putting a good wardrobe will be no problem for you.



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