As I have mentioned before 2016/17 has been a style changing year.

This year all the rave has been on off the shoulder shirts for girls.

I absolutely love this trend. There is something about only showing your shoulders that is just so feminine to me.

While this trend is incredibly popular it can be hard sometimes to figure out how and what you can pair with these off the shoulder tops.

Here are 3 ways I like to style mine!


With jeans!

An off the shoulder silhouette is our favorite and our Yucca Top cant be missed! A mauve hued top with an elastic banded neckline with ruffle detail. The neckline will keep you secure and comfortable:

As you can see in the picture above when you pair an off the shoulder top with pair of boyfriend jeans you get a very casual yet stylish look. Perfect for running errands or a night out with some friends.


With a denim skirt!



Pairing an off the shoulder top with a distressed denim skirt is by far my favorite outfit combinations at the moment. It is casual yet dressy, and sexy yet super feminine. It is ideal for any occasion.


With dress pants!

cropped ruffled top with dress pants:

My favorite thing about off the shoulder tops is that they come in all different styles.  You can buy casual ones or you can even buy dressy ones.  I myself have always been one to push the fashion rules so when it comes to business attire I always try to personalize my wardrobe so it best fits my personality.

Now everyone knows there is nothing eye catching about this…

Image result for traditional white button down and dress pants

While it is okay to go with traditional sometimes, most of the time I prefer to show my personality through my clothes. I mean that is the first thing people look at.

What makes off the shoulder shirts so appealing to me is that they show enough to catch anyone’s attention, BUT not too much to have people questioning your professionalism.

They are an EXTREME HIT in my book!


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