As a college kid it is easy to want to spend a lot of money on clothes, BUT we don’t always have the money to spend on them.


There are always ways to jump the system.

While stores do want you to spend as much money as possible they also value their loyal customers, and with being a loyal customer comes rewards.

The first thing I always do when trying to save money while shopping is…

Check Online VS. In Store

Image result for forever 21 onlineImage result for forever 21

Before you decide to go shopping make sure that there aren’t any promos online. Most of the time stores will run sales on items online, and have then remain full price in store.

If you are not in a hurry sometimes the wait is worth it.


Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

Image result for express next rewards

Although it can be extremely annoying to enter your email or give your phone number to the associates checking you out it can help you!

Most places are only asking for your information to give you better deals!!

If you are a consistent shopper at certain stores make sure that they have your information and you are signed up for everything that they offer.


Pay Attention When Window Shopping

Image result for promotions in stores

Window shopping is inevitable. Everyone does it.


Just because you aren’t buying doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention for when you do decide to buy.

Most stores keep their sales going on for at least three days so make sure to pay attention to signs, and what employees tell you when you are “just browsing” in a store.

None of us want to always pay full price.  Saving money is all about thinking smart.



Good luck!

And remember, Shop smart folks!




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