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What are you willing to spend on your wardrobe? Capstone

Fashion comes in all sorts of styles, sizes, and patterns. It is unique to each person, and is one thing that each individual can make his or her own. That being said having good style or any style quite frankly comes with a price tag.

And sometimes a pretty large price tag at that.

As a college student it is sometimes to achieve the look you are really going for, because the look you want to achieve cost a little more than what your wallet is willing to allow you to spend.

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That said there are ways that you can jump the system, and be able to purchase the items you really want.

First things first it is always important to utilize the fact that you are a college student. A lot of places give anywhere between 5,10,or 15% just for simply showing your student ID.

Another thing you could take into consideration is budgeting yourself. As college students we tend to either have very strict budgets or no budget at all. If you are one with a strict budget try to manage the way you spend your money. Figure out what you absolutely have to have and what you can wait to get so that you don’t run out of money.


Utilize loyalty programs.


It is important to do your research on what it is that you want to buy, and when the right time to buy it is. Many stores give extra perks to their rewards members so simply by signing up you could be saving yourself an additional 10/20 dollars off your purchase.

If you don’t want to sign up for any rewards programs or be on any email list make sure to keep up with the stores promotions.


It is easy to go into a store and impulse buy whatever you see that catches your eye BUT that isn’t always the smartest thing to do.

If you keep an eye out of whatever it is that you want there is an 80% chance that it will most likely go on sale.

Along with watching the stores for their promotions it is also important to use technology.


Since we live in such a tech savvy world there are many different coupons and codes surfing the web you just have to know where to find them.


For example the app “RetailMeNot”


RetailMeNot is an app strictly for coupons. Just about any store you can think of has a coupon on this app. Anywhere from free items to 15% off your entire purchase just by showing the app!


It is also very important when buying for your wardrobe that you don’t get what you don’t need. It is very easy to everything other than what we need, and unfortunately the little things add up.


My advice to you would be to write out the big things and the small things that you need and split them up into two different shopping trips that way you can still get everything you want, but you just wont be getting it all at the same time and spending all of your money.


For example:


As a girl it is easy to get distracted by all of the different types of accessories that stores have to offer, but if I let myself get distracted the majority of the time I will only end up getting accessories rather than clothes.


SO.. What I do is go on separate shopping trips.


One for clothes, sand one for accessories.


This makes trips easier, because I am setting guidelines for myself. It is hard to be strict on yourself when shopping, but it is well worth it in the end.


If you get in the habit of learning how to manage your money as a college student then buying clothes will be no problem for you. As you get older clothes become more of an investment, and if you are able to manage your money while spending it then you will be able to purchase all the clothes you want.


As kids we never really thought about the details that went into shopping because our parents bought it all for us, but as adults it is imperative to shop smart.


Shopping smart not only helps you with learning what you need and what you don’t need, but it also teaches you self discipline all while being able to still get the rockin’ clothes that you want and be the best dressed student at your college.


Best of luck, and shop smart!

3 ways to save money when shopping

As a college kid it is easy to want to spend a lot of money on clothes, BUT we don’t always have the money to spend on them.


There are always ways to jump the system.

While stores do want you to spend as much money as possible they also value their loyal customers, and with being a loyal customer comes rewards.

The first thing I always do when trying to save money while shopping is…

Check Online VS. In Store

Image result for forever 21 onlineImage result for forever 21

Before you decide to go shopping make sure that there aren’t any promos online. Most of the time stores will run sales on items online, and have then remain full price in store.

If you are not in a hurry sometimes the wait is worth it.


Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

Image result for express next rewards

Although it can be extremely annoying to enter your email or give your phone number to the associates checking you out it can help you!

Most places are only asking for your information to give you better deals!!

If you are a consistent shopper at certain stores make sure that they have your information and you are signed up for everything that they offer.


Pay Attention When Window Shopping

Image result for promotions in stores

Window shopping is inevitable. Everyone does it.


Just because you aren’t buying doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention for when you do decide to buy.

Most stores keep their sales going on for at least three days so make sure to pay attention to signs, and what employees tell you when you are “just browsing” in a store.

None of us want to always pay full price.  Saving money is all about thinking smart.



Good luck!

And remember, Shop smart folks!



3 ways to style off the shoulder shirts

As I have mentioned before 2016/17 has been a style changing year.

This year all the rave has been on off the shoulder shirts for girls.

I absolutely love this trend. There is something about only showing your shoulders that is just so feminine to me.

While this trend is incredibly popular it can be hard sometimes to figure out how and what you can pair with these off the shoulder tops.

Here are 3 ways I like to style mine!


With jeans!

An off the shoulder silhouette is our favorite and our Yucca Top cant be missed! A mauve hued top with an elastic banded neckline with ruffle detail. The neckline will keep you secure and comfortable:

As you can see in the picture above when you pair an off the shoulder top with pair of boyfriend jeans you get a very casual yet stylish look. Perfect for running errands or a night out with some friends.


With a denim skirt!



Pairing an off the shoulder top with a distressed denim skirt is by far my favorite outfit combinations at the moment. It is casual yet dressy, and sexy yet super feminine. It is ideal for any occasion.


With dress pants!

cropped ruffled top with dress pants:

My favorite thing about off the shoulder tops is that they come in all different styles.  You can buy casual ones or you can even buy dressy ones.  I myself have always been one to push the fashion rules so when it comes to business attire I always try to personalize my wardrobe so it best fits my personality.

Now everyone knows there is nothing eye catching about this…

Image result for traditional white button down and dress pants

While it is okay to go with traditional sometimes, most of the time I prefer to show my personality through my clothes. I mean that is the first thing people look at.

What makes off the shoulder shirts so appealing to me is that they show enough to catch anyone’s attention, BUT not too much to have people questioning your professionalism.

They are an EXTREME HIT in my book!

The 5 Denim Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

In the fashion world things go in and out of style like its their job, but thankfully denim has never gone out of style.

And lets be honest y’all… Its not going anywhere.

In my opinion everyone should own 5 specific denim items in their wardrobe.

If you don’t already have this stuff take your behind to the mall after reading this, and amp up your closet.


A classic jean jacket

Image result for classic jean jacket

No matter who you are EVERYONE should own a classic denim jacket.  They are simply timeless.


An oversized denim jacket

Image result for oversized jean jacket

Oddly enough oversized clothing has made an astounding impact to fashion in 2016/2017. While I normally wouldn’t consider this an essential, because it is nothing but a trend I don’t plan on getting rid of mine anytime soon.


Dark Denim Jeans

Dark Denim  The perfect pair has the power to truly transform how you look and feel. Whether you dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, dark denim jeans will always work, and always impress.:

Dark jeans are an absolute essential to every wardrobe. They can be worn casually or can be dressed up.  Everyone needs to own at least one pair of dark wash jeans.


A denim skirt

Image result for denim skirt

For me denim skirts are a new found must have.  I know you’re probably reading this  thinking didn’t we wear jean skirts in middle school? And yes. Yes we did.  BUT they are back and they are better than ever.  Every girl should own AT LEAST one denim skirt.

Last but not least

A creative denim item

The Denim And Boot Trend To Try Now:

Image result for jean jacket with patches

Image result for boyfriend jeans

Although denim is timeless that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  When you are adding to your denim collection don’t be afraid to think of it as a blank canvas.  Denim is always going to be blue and either dark or light wash.  Buy a staple piece and make it your own.

You won’t regret it.

Trust me

Happy Denim Shopping Folks! Get Creative

3 fashion tips that will help you with any outfit.

When it comes to picking out clothes it is extremely hard to figure out what is “allowed” and what isn’t.

There are no rules in fashion, but it is important to know a few key things when putting outfits together.


It is OKAY to mix and match metallic

Mixing Metals

For the longest time it was almost a sin to wear gold and silver together. You wither choose one or the other, but NOW things have drastically changed.  Mixing metallics whether it is your jewelry or your clothes is so in right now, and I don’t see it going anywhere soon.


You CAN wear different shades of the same color

Image result for grey on grey outfit

Most would be appalled by wearing the “same” color together,  but by wearing the same color in different shades creates some dimension to your outfit.

Groutfits (all grey outfits) aren’t always bad folks.


Wear things how they are supposed to be warn

Related image

While it is more than okay to put your own spin on things it is also important to remember that it was made a certain way for a reason

I STRONGLY encourage people to incorporate their own style into whatever it is that they are wearing, but at the same time it is IMPERATIVE to wear things the way they are supposed to be warn.

I could go on and on about the rule of thumb when it comes to fashion,  but that would take up way more space than I am given.

If you follow these three holy grail rules of mine putting a good wardrobe will be no problem for you.


The 3 best stores to shop at during the summer.

Finding summer clothes is by far the most difficult think for both men and women, but I have a few amazing places that I always go to during the warmer months.

A places I really love for more dressy summer clothes is


Image result for express store

While Express can be a little pricey it is a place that I go for good quality clothes.  Unfortunately there are more places now-a-days that have bad quality clothes, BUT luckily for me Express is not one of those places.

When it comes to shorts I always have such a hard time finding cute, good quality shorts

But not at…

American Eagle

Image result for american eagle

Now some of you may be thinking what in the world?? Isn’t American Eagle for nmk8teenagers? Yes, indeed it is. BUT I have been wearing American Eagle jeans and shorts since I was probably 15 and they have never failed me one time.

I mentioned earlier when I was talking about how I loved the quality of Express clothes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like cheap clothes as well.

We all have those certain shirts or dresses that we wear one time and we throw them out

I probably do this a lot more than I should,  but when I want to buy something I know I will only wear once I typically go to…

Forever 21

Image result for forever 21

Although I only go to Forever 21 every once in a while I can ALWAYS find things in there that I can use to complete an outfit, especially in the summer.

Dressing in the summer is hard, but if you check these places out I promise your wardrobe will drastically improve.

2017 Swimsuit Trends

This year has been a major year for fashion.  There have been so many things that have came back into style, and also things that people hope soon goes out of style.

with summer just beginning swimsuits are the top priority on all girls minds.

Swimwear has made a HUGE transformation over the years, but this year has been by far the biggest.

The major 2017 trends I have noticed have been

Nude Swimsuits

This is the kind of squad that always is goals even when they are on their period ahahha!!!:

Nude swimsuits have been such a big hit this year, and quite frankly the illusion of not having any clothes on just keeps getting more and more popular.

One Piece Swimsuits

Prosecco & Plaid white one piece bathing suit:

In my opinion one piece swimsuits have been by far the biggest trend of 2017.  Almost every girl including myself has added a one piece swimsuit to their wardrobe, because not only are they flattering on the majority of people BUT they are so in style!

Cheeky Swimsuits

$12.11 (Buy here: https://alitems.com/g/1e8d114494ebda23ff8b16525dc3e8/?i=5&ulp=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2FNew-Stylish-Lady-Women-Fashion-Push-Up-Sexy-Spaghetti-Strap-Bikini-Set-Swimwear%2F32575756039.html ) New Stylish Lady Women  Push-Up Sexy Spaghetti Strap Bikini Set Swimwear Solid Swimsuir Women Bathing Suit  for just $12.11:

2017 has been quite a fearless year for women.  Society has become more and more acceptable to what is and isn’t appropriate to wear to the pool. If you were to ask a few months ago if something like the picture above was acceptable I am positive you would get a NO from everyone you asked.

I know you’re probably thinking why should swimsuit trends even matter?

The trends that tend to come and go are ones that are promoted by women themselves, and this year all of the trends empowered women to bare it all in the skin that they were given.

Just because it is a trend doesn’t mean it can’t have a meaning.

My 5 summer wardrobe must haves

Changing out your wardrobe every season can be extremely difficult.  In my opinion summer is the absolute hardest, but have no fear I have 5 simple staple pieces that EVERY girl should have in their summer wardrobe.


Nothing says summer like a crispy pair of white jeans. You can dress them up or dress them down, and quite honestly they are just timeless.

White Ripped Skinny Jeans


Now you’re probably thinking why would I need a jacket in the summer right?  Well everyone knows that summer days are hot, but summer nights can be fairly cool.  If you have a go to jean jacket it will solve all of your problems and keep you looking stylish and summery.

Jo & Kemp  Womens Fashion | Street Style | Ootd | Fashion | Style | Denim Jacket | Steve Madden | Booties:


Summer days can be so hot, and not everyone wants to always put a full outfit on so my go to outfit when I don’t want to get fully dressed is a nice loose maxi dress.

Summer Beach Maxi Dress in Grey with V Neck. This is the perfect dress for your spring summer collection. Wear it on vacation to the beach or for a relaxing day out in the sun! Fabric :Fabric is very


In my opinion shoes are one of the toughest parts of your wardrobe in the summer.  Because everyone is wearing sandals it is sometimes harder to dress an outfit up considering its very easy to just throw on a basic pair of flip flops.  I have learned that if you have a nice pair of gladiator sandals you can use them to dress up or dress down an outfit.

A Pin From SarahJ.  •@Missgalaxy3699:

Last but not least..


You can absolutely not forget your sunglasses in the summer! A good pair of sunglasses can complete any look whether it is a dressy look or just a casual day at the pool.

Ray Ban Mirrored Aviators, John Hardy silver bracelet.:


3 Cons and 3 Pros to Being a Football Coaches Kid.

My whole life I have been a “coaches kid”.  While it has many pros it comes with a wide variety of cons as well.

Although I wouldn’t change it for the world, I’m writing this to enlighten you on some of the things that are and aren’t so fancy about being a coaches kid.




Unfortunately, seeing my dad was never something I was used to especially during the season.


Sadly there will be more people who like your connections more than they like you.  It just comes with the territory.


Even though I knew I was always going to be daddy’s little girl, I also knew that his players were the main priority the majority of the time.

And now to the good..


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Being a coaches kid is hands down the coolest thing in the world.  In 2008 my dad was the running backs coach at the University of Florida, and our family was lucky enough to experience winning the BCS National Championship.

Not many kids get to say the experienced that.


I can proudly say I know more about football than a lot of guys.


Every kid is proud of their parents, but I’ve learned being a coaches kid that every single thing my dad does I have the opportunity to be immensely proud of him.